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The New Standard in Cybersecurity Remediation

Technology, People, and Process Solutions

Evanesco, Inc.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Evanesco founders have over 60 years of experience working in the cybersecurity industry.  

The company's founders are passionate about serving the local community to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and in helping students find career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry.

Focused on delivering effective cybersecurity solutions to small and mid-size organizations with up to 5,000 employees, Evanesco works with a trusted partner network to deliver best in class service and support across multiple industries including, but not limited to Financial Services, Healthcare and Tech & Telecom.


From hacking to phishing cybercriminals are doing everything they can to steal your valuable information or disrupt your operation in some fashion.  Evanesco will help your organization stay prepared with best in class cybersecurity training platforms and guidance on cyber threats and industry regulations.


Protecting your organization from cyber attacks is not a simple matter.  It requires experience in not only the procurement of the right cybersecurity technology, but also in how to evolve your organization's business processes to effectively leverage the capabilities of these new systems in order to maximize the protection of your information assets.


Evanesco’s technical team, experienced with current, industry-leading technologies, will work with you to ensure your cybersecurity solutions and resulting controls are properly procured, installed, provisioned, and maintained.

Unprecedented Velocity.  Impeccable Reliability.

At Evanesco, Inc. we understand that time is money and as a result we work to turn up your remediation products and services as quickly as possible.

All that we require is the completion of a pre-engagement question set and our team immediately begins working to turn up all of your products and services, many times with no onsite visit required.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience in Information Security and Compliance

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Security Remediation Program?

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